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Technology Enhances Wine, Spirits and Beer Labels

What is the justification for naming the wine? Or, is the liqueur beer made with mixed drinks? Obviously, the main answer to this question is: Note TTB (Tax on Alcohol, Tobacco and Trade). When you visit, you can take advantage of the extra space for names and the constantly changing part. There really is no place in jar names to help shops. On your PDA, tap Close with Space Association (NFC), which solves this problem and see what appears on your phone if the ID is present.

Depending on the winery’s monetary framework and the number of mobile phones connected to customers by RFID stickers (current mobile phones have internal restrictions), wine and spirits can be discussed directly with the customer in advance. The chamber or area of closure of the tongue. . These electronic names can give information in any organization. As a general rule, the information can be opened with a letter or a solid page; A more conservative option is to use NFC stickers that have an additional tag or useful film attached to the camera.

This NFC update has many names, such as Cool Labels, Labels, and OpenSense Names; The title I use is “Tap Labels”. Cold names (from the stock market) began to appear in foods, individuals and pharmacies. . For most groups, names are a way for producers of things to provide buyers with more information than can be printed on the name. Despite this, the positive parts of these posts are not limited to moving away from additional information, but in addition to the posts, correspondence, extended offers, and so on.

They can recognize some of the fields in which an NFC tag can work, but they are limited.

Twenty years ago, I was looking at the RFID developments (radio and individual) at the club. This hitherto irrational feature is used to allow the club to control and track bets on the game club. Understanding: How Related Advanced Names Let You Talk To Buyers Even Before They Buy The Thing.

Two years earlier, Unified Label had begun offering installers to track stocks, control parts and transitions. So, at that moment, at that moment, the RF card signs appeared to me and were visible in the confirmation capabilities; Read and record information about processing radio card stamps. Depending on the capabilities of the RF card, the name structures are displayed and given this name; We really don’t want to overlook the (QR code) that most mobile phones can display and carry money on the screen via the touch interface. It is applicable to current mobile phones with wireless messaging and recently recognized fast interactive capabilities with linked NFC tags.

A really cool NFC tag is an RFID tag as small as 3 printers or 0.0002 inches. The customer can design the screen / theme page as a shop, pool or studio, as evidenced by his conviction. An NFC tag information size of 7 KB can be added. Again, the largest and most important RFID tags can give a variety of opportunities and gaps, regardless of waste and the usual assumptions.



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