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Internet Scams – Don’t Be a Victim

As more and more people use the net as an essential part of their standard daily schedule, the extent of internet blackmail is likely to progress. Unfortunately, there are many types of blackmail, but in this article we will look at three of the most obvious.

419 counterfeit or counterfeit Nigerian products

In addition, the 4-1-9, called Tarif Fraud (AFF), has been designated as false in part of the Nigerian Penal Code, which acts as blackmail. Although these scams started in Nigeria, they can be from anywhere. If you can qualify to be possibly the best position, you will lose a lot of dollars; In the most pessimistic situation, you will lose your life. They usually start with an email from a bank official, a relative of a recently ousted African president, and the main concern is that when the deal goes awry, he will ask for money to make sure the money is moved. Do not try to respond to these messages in these circumstances, people have disappeared after these risks.

character of coercion

Phishing scams can be very confusing as scammers send messages to countless email addresses claiming to be from a financial institution and ask you to log in and confirm your exact details. The email, with all the accounts, appears to be correct and contains a link that you need to click on. If you have a fake balance sheet, it’s incredibly normal to click on a connection and log into your “your” account, but that’s not your employment or your bank’s.

The scammers will create a website to share a lot of information about you, name, exact visa details, bank login, password, PIN, and so on. When they have this information, they can access your historical property and, more importantly, the situation, your person. Avoid these scams by never clicking on a contact in this email, and no bank will send you messages asking you to log in and confirm your correct details.

Car Dealer Fraud

If you send a notice online about a vehicle, boat or bicycle, you will probably get one of these false proofs. You will receive an email from abroad indicating that you need to purchase your vehicle and organize the shipping process. After approval, you will receive a letter or bank transfer via the post office within two days with the amount you showed for the car plus transportation costs.

If you are a specialist, you will think that the check will be vacant and then you will carry the mail. Scammers hope so, the check will be recovered after about 3 weeks, even a month later, after which your bank will withdraw the cash and go out to send it. The best way to avoid this scam is not to present your car to someone who has to pay the sender.



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